“Lumières et décors maçoniques”  trademark was filed in january 2015 following the research , development and creation  of automated candles and masonics items.

this technology is to be able to fully equip a Masonic temple  only by nearby recognition without using electric power .

candles, moons, deltas, and  blazing sun are interconnected, with snuffers, gavels and candles lighter.

“Lumières et décors maçoniques” , who is  “Ultimate Concept  Co., Ltd. property, benefits from the experience and all the technical structures of ultimate concept.

Our goal is to manufacture custom Masonic products on customer requests.

Our research and production office is located at Chiangmai, northern Thailand.

Our skill: Designer 3D, sculptors, modelers, designers, technical teams  for production.

20 years of resin factories managementgaranty the best quality of product.

We use high quality  casting  polyester resin, and  fiberglass resin for large volume  items.

We remain at your disposal for any further information.